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Black Compressor Bib Short

$160.00 / Sold Out


Made in USA...Check
Tighter compression fit...Check (you may want to size up)
Black non printable fabric that will not fade...Check
Pairs up nicely with any jersey...Check
Keeps tan lines on par with other Endo Bibs...Check
Unparalleled comfort to cost ratio...Check
One of the best looking/functioning classic bibs ever...Double Check!

Manufactured by Endo Customs in downtown Los Angeles, CA.
Italian engineered fabric from M.I.T.I.
Highly abrasion-resistant fabric with MITITECH high
compression technology
Features 50+ SPF/UPF
Laser cut leg band with integrated grip on high density tonal print
8 panel anatomical construction and extended race leg length

Photos by Jesse Carmody